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Nano Robotics is a company dedicated to the exploitation of the most up-to-date technologies and to providing increased capabilities to developing service unmanned and robotic systems with an emphasis on supervised-autonomy operations. 

Nano Robotics’ current line of products include a variety of supervised-autonomy service platforms designed to provide military, law enforcement, and first res-ponders with capabilities that limit their exposure to dangerous situations such as potential IEDs, chemical contaminated areas, hostage situations, and limited space areas such as tunnels and crawl spaces. These systems can provide operators with an ability to gather necessary information at extended ranges through the employment of a wide range of on board mission modules to include chemical sensors, two way communications, and day or night video.  With the addition of our supervised-autonomy capabilities, these systems will reduce the need for operator intervention, while providing improved situational awareness. We also provide consulting and special training to educators interested in the development of unmanned system to support Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) programs.

1. Our current product line includes the following:

- Mamba Unmanned Ground Vehicle (Mamba UGV)

Mamba is a small man-portable system weighing less than 15 lbs. The Mamba was designed to enhance customer capabilities dealing with dangerous environments that require keeping the operator to remain out of harms way.  The Mamba UGV provides exceptional mobility on and off road and can be operated for extended periods of time (6 -12 hrs) out to a distance of one mile.

- Family of Vertical Take-off Unmanned Systems (VirTUS) including

VirTUS X4 is a simple light weight low cost system perfect suited for use as a training system

    - Y6 VirTUS offers a great combination of weight savings and strength offering excellent functionality and performance

VirTUS X6 is our heavy duty system designed to carry payloads up to five lbs while still providing
30 minutes of operating time

    - VirTUS X6+ is designed to operate as a tethered system, used for low level Aerial Photography 

- Operator Control Unit (OCU)
- Our OCU is user friendly and provides video and real time robot data directly to the operator using the latest in mission planning software

2. The Nano Robotics' team is constantly looking to improve these systems and will work with individuals or companies interested in incorporating developing plug and play modules.

3. Our systems have been built with high quality components to insure long term services at a fraction of the cost of other unmanned and robotic systems.

4. Nano Robotics also provides robotic consulting services for military, law enforcement, first res ponders and education organization interested in developing unmanned systems programs.

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